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You offer grooming products and services and more, TechnoPOS is the solution for you.

In-person sales
The cashier interface is intuitive and easy to use. You will find easily your products and services and be very simple.
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Do you offer grooming or other services? Have you thought about taking reservations?

Agendom Addon
The optional Agendom module designed and sold exclusively by TechnoSolutions CL is a fitting addition to TechnoPOS. Manage appointments over the phone, in person or on the web directly in the TechnoPOS software.

Sale of bulk pet food

TechnoPOS supports bulk sales and management of label scales. Create the labels yourself for pre-packaging.

Printing labels
TechnoPOS offers you the possibility to print your labels economically on laser printer in Avery 5160 format or on specialized printer. The management of labels and the number to be printed per article is simplified.

Loyalty and gift cards

Our module for creating promotions and discounts is one of the most comprehensive on the market. As well as the management of discounts for members, employees etc.

Whether points, monetary value or customer account discounts, TechnoPOS allows you this integrated flexibility. Plus, you can sell your own gift cards or pre-paid cards easily and at no cost.

Reports and statistics

The TechnoPOS reporting module is the most complete you can find.

Custom reports
In addition to more than 75 pre-designed reports, you can add your own reports that you can create using the report generator included in TechnoPOS. You can track the activities of one or more locations in real time simultaneously.
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Sale in series

Offer discounts on the purchase of several products sold in groups but delivered periodically.

Increase your revenues
TechnoPOS allows you to sell in series, for example ten (10) bags of pet food that the customer can use for the entire year. TechnoPOS helps you manage these quantities and their usage over time.

Ecommerce in real time

The optional Ecommerce module from TechnoPOS simplifies the integration and synchronization of your in-store sales and your e-commerce platform.

Everything is happening in TechnoPOS
You no longer have to manage the orders that come from the web, everything happens directly in TechnoPOS. During an online sale, the customer account is created automatically in TechnoPOS and you will only have to send your articles. Updating articles, images, descriptions, variations (eg size and color), dimensions etc. is automatically synchronized with the Ecommerce platform.

All features

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