Fast and easy

TechnoPOS has been developed with the aim of quick and easy handling for you and your employees. Everything is accessible and configurable according to the access rights of users.

The register interface
The cashier interface is intuitive and easy to use. You will find easily your products and services and be very simple. Try it for free today, no credit card needed!

Do not lose any data

Whether it's your first software or you're using another one, TechnoPOS comes with all the tools to import, manage, modify, create or add your articles or customer accounts. Template files are provided for importing items, customers, gift cards or loyalties, nothing is simpler.

Administration interface
The administration interface is very simple and everything is easy to find. You can import or export the product or customer lists with a single click. For import, an xls file with header is provided directly from TechnoPOS. For export, we support PDF and MS-Excel.

Inventory Management

With TechnoPOS you can automatically create the purchase orders with one click. Whether for one or more shops, you'll know in real time how many items are still available at each location.

Visual cues
TechnoPOS shows you in red the list of items that are or will be out of stock soon. Creating purchase orders and receiving merchandise will no longer be a chore!

Loyalty and gift cards

Our module for creating promotions and discounts is one of the most comprehensive on the market. As well as the management of discounts for members, employees etc..

Whether points, monetary value or customer account discounts, TechnoPOS allows you this integrated flexibility. Plus, you can sell your own gift cards or pre-paid cards easily and at no cost.

Reports and statistics

The TechnoPOS reporting module is the most complete you can find.

Custom reports
In addition to more than 75 pre-designed reports, you can add your own reports that you can create using the report generator included in TechnoPOS. You can track the activities of one or more locations in real time at the same time.


TechnoPOS adapts to the reality of companies that sell clothing. The simplicity of management of the different product variations is innovative. Create your own formats as you wish.

Variation price management
In addition to being able to manage the prices of the variations (ex: size, color) you can manage the promotions, the quantities, the thresholds of supply and the images by variations.

Ecommerce in real time

The optional Ecommerce module from TechnoPOS simplifies the integration and synchronization of your in-store sales and your e-commerce platform.

Tout se passe dans TechnoPOS
Vous n'avez plus à gérer les commandes qui proviennent du web, tout se passe directement dans TechnoPOS. Lors d'une vente en ligne, le compte client se crée automatiquement dans TechnoPOS et vous n'aurez qu'à expédier vos articles. La mise à jour des articles,images, descriptions, variations (ex: grandeur et couleur), les dimensions etc. est automatiquement synchronisée avec la plateforme Ecommerce.

All features

We invite you to download the document to see the list of TechnoPOS features.

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