Here are a few events in which TechnoSolutions CL took part

2014 ARQ Demonstration

With a partner CLS INFO

Demonstration of services

We collaborated with a time business partner, CLS Info to present our products and services together with them.

March 2015

Pizza Internation Expo Las Vegas

First International

We were very proud to represent Canada with our neighbors to the south. We have amassed an impressive amount of information and contacts.

March 2016

Second time in Las Vegas

PosWebMenu demo

Demonstration of our 100% Integrated PosWebMenu Online Ordering Service.

November 2016

ARQ Quebec Show

Salon Retail Show

Introducing our services of our new kiosk application with a business partner Amvic who will create the Sir Steward Company the following year.

February 2017

Retail Show Toronto

Retail Show Toronto

Attend Retail Show in Toronto with our partner Sir Steward to present all of our services and materials.

March 2018

Toronto CarWax Show

Salon for convenience stores and grocery stores

Once again we were there with integration partners, Genpos, BEST POS Software, SeeMyApps and Sir Steward.