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Counter sales in a new light. Whether for a single business or for a large bank, TechnoPOS is the software most adapted to the latest technologies.

Specific functions
TechnoPOS includes all the functions necessary for the proper operation of a convenience store. In addition to its high data security, TechnoPOS can be customized for the channels or according to your specific needs.

Returns and disbursements

TechnoPOS natively supports these functions.

Unparalleled accessibility
A single click allows you to make a deposit return, make a payout for a winning lottery or cash payment.

Punch Clock

Do not lose track of the arrivals and departures of your employees

Integrated puch clock
TechnoPOS offers you the choice to activate or not the timestamp included. It provides a report of the entries and exits of your employees. The optional standalone app for Android tablet allows you to place a tablet at strategic locations in your business.
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Loyalty and gift cards

Our module for creating promotions and discounts is one of the most comprehensive on the market. As well as the management of discounts for members, employees etc.

Whether points, monetary value or customer account discounts, TechnoPOS allows you this integrated flexibility. Plus, you can sell your own gift cards or pre-paid cards easily and at no cost.

Reports and statistics

The TechnoPOS reporting module is the most complete you can find.

Custom reports
In addition to more than 75 pre-designed reports, you can add your own reports that you can create using the report generator included in TechnoPOS. You can track the activities of one or more locations in real time simultaneously.

Various integrations

TechnoPOS offers various integrations.

Third-party integration
Whether for a payment terminal, a scale, a drinks controller or customized, the team of TechnoSolutions CL has been specialized for more than 10 years in the development and design of various integrations.

Reports to suppliers

The optional Real-Time Statistics service, accessible from anywhere on the web, for your suppliers and yourself.

Optional real-time statistics service
TechnoSolutions CL has developed a web interface accessible to your major suppliers so that they can receive real-time sales of their products in your business or throughout the chain. Among other things, you can see the statistics by products, by departments, by suppliers, etc.
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All features

We invite you to download the document to see the list of TechnoPOS features.

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