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The Point-of-Sale Software you deserve!

As you already know, TechnoSolutions CL has specialized, for more than 9 years now, in the integration and development of applications focused on different restaurant point-of-sale systems as well as on store software details and groceries.

TechnoPOS is the most advanced point-of-sale software in its field and enables seamless integrations with software such as WooCommerce and Quickbooks Online and the entire PosWebMenu and TechnoMedia range.

The simplified management of the articles, the multitudes of customizable reports as well as the great maneuverability of its interface make it really a software apart when it comes time to choose.

The intuitive and lively cash desk interface offers you a multitude of options.

TechnoPOS Features

The main modules that you will find in TechnoPOS in « General » mode. The « Resto » mode adds some other specific functions and can also modify the characteristics already present in TechnoPOS.

General Options

  • Employee management
  •   Employee Creation, Access Rights, Sales Reports
  •   Time stamp, work schedule, leave request and reports
  •   Commissions, hourly rate
  • Import / export from Excel spreadsheet
    • Import and export items, customers, suppliers, gift cards
  • Internal messaging
    • Send and delete messages
  • Customer Management
  • Accounts receivable credit limit
  • Generic gift cards vs attached to the customer
  • Customer history reports
  • Account statements, sending by email, printing
  • Basic and advanced loyalty option
  • Prices based on third parties (ex: gold, silver, bronze members)
  • Inventory Management
  •   Manage categories
  •   Manage articles
  •   Manage article sets (kits)
  •   Manage discounts / promo and sales coupon
  •   Manage providers
  •   Printing labels and barcodes (Avery 5160)
  •   Count Inventory (2 modes)
  •   Product expiration management
  •   Creation of Purchase Order (PO)
  • Management of scales with barcodes stickers
  • Sales management
  • Cash Interface
  • Cash Drawer Tracking
  • Reception Management
  • Delivery management
  • Multiple payment methods by invoice
  • Gift Card Management
  • Customer Interface
  • Edit or modify sales
  • Management of current expenses
  • Types of sales (Pending, lay-offs, submission)
  • « Manager » mode
  • Store configuration
  •   Basic configuration
  •   Advanced configuration
  •   Synchronization Quickbooks online
  •   WooCommerce synchronization
  •   Tech-cl cloud synchronization
  • Reports
  •   Report module providing more than 25 reports and more in graphical, summary or detailed form
  •   Customizing reports
  •   Keyboard shortcuts
  •   Keyboard shortcuts for cash interface
  • Other options available from TechnoSolutions CL for « General » mode
  •   Inventory application
  •   Custom loyalty application
  •   Booking application (tables, services, activities)
  •   Mobile app for TechnoPOS on tablets and smartphones

Resto Group Options

  • Restaurant Module
  •   Management of requisition printers (eg cooking, delivery, etc.)
  •   Product management with optional customization or not, etc.
  •   Management of extras groups
  •   Management of price rules (ex: first 2 « toppings » free, the third at 50% etc)
  •   Management of floors with « activities » (ex: tables, billiard tables, electronic games, golf, etc.)
  •   Delivery module
  •   Integration with the Sales Registration Module (SRM) of the Ministère du Revenu du Québec
  •   Integration of autonomous control kiosk
  •   Sales reports

Paid optional features:

  • PosWebMenu Online Order 100% Integrated
  • Web command interface
  • Online payment management
  • Real-time sales statistics
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Integration of payment methods

FrontCloud service exclusive to TechnoSolutions CL to secure your network against intrusions and the curious. Allows you to manage 32 TechnoPOS devices connected simultaneously.

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